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Originally Posted by TheChief View Post

Anyone know of a bivy sack that will hold the above kit that is:
-water proof
There is no such thing. While there are degrees of waterproofness/breathability, you ALWAYS trade off one for the other.

Also consider learning about silk liners- turn your 15 degree bag into a 5-10 degree one.

$550 is a lot of scratch for a 15 degree bag, pad, and pillow (a pillow?! Seriously?). Is it 900 fill Euro down or something?

You also never mentioned what conditions you would use the bag in, nor for how long (i.e., 7-10 straight days in rainy conditions). This is important- wet bags suck. Back in the day, I rotated between synthetic and down bags, depending on time of year and weather conditions I expected to encounter.

I apologize if I appear to be taking a dump on your purchase, but you seem genuinely trying to learn, so I'm sharing my initial impressions. If you plan on winter camping, it would behoove you to learn as much as you can. This forum isn't the place to discuss outdoor gear.

Good luck!
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