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Latest shot of my 9mm:

They don't have a gas system (blowback), so no block issues. I really like the rifle-length MI handguard, which offers just enough attachment points for me. It locked up tight and is very comfortable.
My first tryout at Angeles ate up about 300 rounds of S&B 115grn ammo, with a few FTEs. Performance was far better with the Speer 124grn Lawman TMJs I had on hand, but I was using this upper on a rifle lower, so the spring was probably the factor. I'll have to test it out on my carbine lower.
The 2x Aimpoint is a little overkill on this, as shooting much beyond 100 yrds the groups aren't so great. Perhaps I'll swap in the Micro I have on my .223 carbine. Makes more sense to have the 2x on a longer-range rifle.
The extended distance between Magpul BUISs seems to help, but would probably make more difference if I was shooting past 100 yrds.
Upper Parts: Colt receiver, CMMG barrel and ramped bolt/carrier, Spike's 9mm brake, MI SS-Series handguard (with cap), Magpul Gen II BUISs.
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