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Originally Posted by operator13 View Post
Much like everyone else who has read this thread, I now want a dissipator...

I have a spare 16" carbine upper that I'm not using at the moment, so I my intentions are to build a dissipator clone out of it.

Just wanted to list the parts I think I'll need, and see if anything is missing...

1) Low Profile Gas Block
2) Clamp on style A2 Front Sight

I plan on reusing the handguard cap, and purchasing some MOE riflelength handguards to throw on it. Does anyone see any issues with my build?

one of the ways I have seen people attach to the standard end caps on a dissy is to tap the whole normally used for the gas tube on the front post and use a small cap screw to hold the cap on there.

do that and you should be golden.

if you wanted to do it on the cheep and without having to buy and install a new gas block - just cut the old one down. No harm in it and I have seen it done a lot.
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