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Originally Posted by JaMail View Post
powaybob - thanks for the honest write up, as my wife is a total novice, i def wont send her to frontsight, since i think that it would totally turn her off of shooting, she likes shooting based on the two times she has gone, but would need alot of help for various things..

Don't just take Powaybob's word on Front Sight. I can say as a female that had very little shooting experience to have found their course to be extremely helpful and full of useful information. I needed a lot of help and got it and got lots of help including one on one help from an instructor. I never once was made to feel stupid. As a matter of fact they encouraged me to keep trying and not give up. An example of this was the last day. They have a shooting contest. They put everyone's name in a hat that is on that range. They draw two names and you go head to head shooting at three targets. I actually won the first round of my competition. Although I did lose on the second round (due to malfunctions with my handgun). The instructors explained things as many times as I needed to understand what to do and were patient when I had to take longer to do something and didn't make me feel like I was too slow or not good enough. And on the final day they give you the option if you want to test with concealment garment and moving targets or without and static or with concealment garment and static. Here is something else you still graduate even if you don't get the fancy sticker. So there is no "fail" per se.
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