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I think my position has been largely misunderstood by some. That is probably my fault in most cases, but not all. I in no way want this project to do anything but go forward. I am at a loss as to why anyone would think otherwise, unless they are not reading all my posts and have misunderstood something that I said that I put poorly and/or unclearly. Let me try to better illuminate my position.

I am 100% behind the project as it exists today.

I trust the women of CalGuns to bring forth a product we can all be proud of. I have never doubted that for a moment.

I have been persuaded that the "adults only" rule is the only prudent way to go, no matter how innocent the content. Gawd I hate political correctness.

I fully intend to buy as many Calenders as I can afford on my four-day-a-week cutback budget.

I can't wait.

I have done a lot of "discussing" of what I think are worthy ideas, but what I didn't do was make clear that I realize there is no way in the world any of this could be expected to be incorporated into the current project, given the time frame. My bad.

I take this opportunity to reiterate my apology to Angie, I was wrong. I did not mean to offend, but I did, and that's what counts, I was wrong. We could probably make a Calender on her collection alone. I'm not saying I would want to take that gem studded AR to war, but I would sure love to have it in my trophy room. And those eyes! Wonderful, example of the real women of CalGuns!

I think some of the people who are giving so generously of themselves to make this thing work are takeing the discussions of the rank and file way too seriously. That is understandable due to the pressure of their schedule. But don't let it bring you down. It's just the standard CalGuns food fight. In the end we love you and we back you.

Originally Posted by wildhawker View Post
meplat, I, too, look forward to hearing out other women on the subject of their interests surrounding the calendar project. However, I am left with the impression that your post seeks to instigate a discussion of non-issues and subvert the core intent of the project by redirecting productive conversation to irrelevant sidebars fabricated by those who disapprove of the vehicle.

Let me reiterate and make clear an important point, since I and others have already addressed as nauseam any substantive concerns you shared in the main thread: the project is moving forward with very capable and conscientious women at the helm. Please do exercise your right to vote with your wallet if the end product is not of interest to you. We hope to have many other products you may find of value available through the Calguns store very soon.
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