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For the short time I've been wandering on this site, I've come to really enjoy the exchange of views/opinions with other Calgunners. I especially appreciate all the efforts Megan has gone through for the women on here.

That being said, I trust Megan's good judgment -- and those of her friends who are helping her with the calendar.

I'm about to pick up a new shotgun today (yet another great gift from my husband) and hope to send Megan a pic of me holding it with one of my 1911s. Since my husband is the one taking the photo(s), I also trust his judgment.

I think this is a great idea to raise money for a good cause. I also understand some of the concern some of you may have as to what may be depicted in the calendar. HOWEVER, again I must stress that I think everyone who is handling this is going to do the right thing and keep things tasteful BUT fun.

Shooting/plinking is all about fun, right?
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