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Default Need input, am I off base?

Dupe alert! I posted this as a reply in Off Topic, so, Guilty.

But I need to know what you ladies think, just to check my bearings.


Sorry. I still think any Calendar that is too saucy to have a 14 year old in it is too saucy for CalGuns. I think you may make some money but it will be an overall fail. Each Calendar out there hanging on a wall will be a CalGuns outreach instrument. We will get flack from the anti-gun press no matter what we do. But why alienate individuals, on the hearts and minds of whom our success ultimately depends.

I realize that the train is barreling down the track and its course has been pretty much decided upon by “the powers that be”, to quote Ron Dellums. But I will voice my opinion anyway. This should not be a “glamour” format. The women and girls of CalGuns should be presented to the world with more emphasis on their values and opinions than their cleavage. They should have to be either members or immediate family of members who actually shoot, even if only infrequently because they realize they need to have that skill. There are only 12 months, we have plenty of worthy native talent without going looking for “hot” friends that are willing to hold a gun. I think each woman should be depicted participating in some real aspect of the shooting sports and there should be a substantial bio/resume’/values/interests statement on each subject. Its brevity or expansiveness depending on what the individual woman or girl and her family are comfortable with. One format could be to have three photos per month, One depicting just the subject, a yearbook type thing, or more, possibly holding her favorite weapon. Another of her participating in some aspect of the “sport”. And another including her with a theme of her choosing, possibly involving her profession, her family, or another interest or hobby she has.

Does this sound like an inappropriate place for a 14 year old?

Any woman or girl should be able to thumb through our calendar and find both respect ,and something to respect. Someone they can identify with and say to themselves “that could be me”. Any man should be able to look through it and say at some point “god I wish I could find a woman like that”.

From what Megan is saying it sounds like she would like to put together a class document and I feel comforted. But then I hear “the powers that be” say it would be an inappropriate place for a 14 year old I get very, very, worried. I worry that they see this as more about eye candy than substance. Kind of a cheap trick to raise a few bucks when it could be so much more. I am prompted to remind those who should remember and inform those who were not there that we damn near lost handguns in this country altogether in the 1960s. As one who was in the trenches at the time I can tell you it was women that saved our ***. We recruited just enough to turn the tide. Today we are way behind where we should be in our outreach. Any red blooded American male will like eye candy. Trouble is we have most of them anyway.

This should be a tool to help us reach the ladies.

Oh well, maybe next year.

P.S. For anyone who thinks I am just a prude. I was in the Navy and have been places and seen things that would curl your hair, I enjoyed most of it. And I enjoy greatly the sight of a pretty girl.
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