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Originally Posted by stilly View Post
But, but, BUT YOU CAN GET THEM IN PINK! John, Think of it! The FUTURE of gunning is all about plastics! Imagine when they figure out a way to attach CIA letter openers to the bullets, THEN they will have FBI only bullets! It is only the future. When the Chinese made the first gun 2 million years ago (which, given the current state things, I find hard to believe that the chinese really invented anything, I think someone else did and they copied it but until I find that hard proof I will hold off that theory for now) you KNOW they were sitting around thinking how they could make it in plastic! Now the chinese FINALLY invented plastic AR-15 lowers that can be printed from their epsons! It is just the way it goes man... The chinese invented the silver plastic discs that ended up replacing records and cassettes and then America made the BIGGER cassette and then the Chinese invented ANOTHER disc that was 5th dimensional (how else can you explain a disc that looks the same size, yet holds about 8 times as much pron?) So you see, John, my friend, buddy, pal for life, just accept it and go with the flow because they DO have friends that are watching us. Friends that still use metal if you know what I mean and they have very long arms... Besides, you can get them in pink and support the local tatas movement!

thank you thank you, yes, I have won an emmy for that...

Please no fact checking and no correcting this... :O

love your posts. cracks me up thinking about the pron in the 5th dimension.
my mind is blown

back on topic I have shot and still have some 223 that is this "plastic" case. I used it in a bolt action Savage and in a Colt AR. In both instances it shot like crap vs the cheap American Eagle and the Winchester i had at the time. The shots were about 16-18 inches low at 200 yard when compared to the other brass. I also had a few cases get stuck in the chamber, not good. If this stuff is prone to the same sticking many have associated with poly case stuff it would be very bad in a self defense situation. 380 is not all that powerful and follow up shots may be needed to ward off a perp. if the poly case acts up and fails to allow 100% reliable function of the firearm it should remain as target/plinking ammo and not for SD carry.
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