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Oh boy, another miracle ammo development. Anybody ever heard of the Dardick Pistol? The Dardick Model 1500 was a magazine fed REVOLVER that used nylon encased trounds for ammunition. Here's a longer video explaining the whole concept:

Then there was the Gyrojet firearms that had little spin stabilized mini rockets for ammunition. I actually was at a demonstration of the Gygrojet pistol and carbine that was held at the Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Range when I worked there. No case at all, the entire little rocket was the bullet, so the firearm was very light, in fact the barrel had holes through it to allow the rocket exhaust to escape.

Then there was the Daisy VL .22 rifle that used caseless .22 ammo. The bullet was bonded to a propellant that was ignited by a hot blast of air from a conventional spring piston air gun mechanism. The system didn't produce any advantages over the conventional .22 RF system so it was manufactured for only a couple of years.

So it goes, every now and then someone comes up with some new ammunition innovation, steel cases, aluminum cases, polymer cases, hybrid cases, no cases. One of the earliest firearms was the Volcanic Rifles and Pistols which was nothing more than a hollow bullet filled with powder that was held in place by a priming disk.

As for me, I'll stick to brass cases. No matter what cleverness we possess, somethings are just not able to be improved, such as the toilet seat.
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