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Originally Posted by SgtMerc View Post
Having owned 55gal tanks before, I can't see buying a tank as being cost effective for a SHTF event.

And if I already had a tank, I wouldn't need to consider it because I live two blocks from a coast.

Perhaps if I lived in the valley, or high desert.
Not saying one should buy one specifically for SHTF. Only if you happen to have an aquarium with fish in it.

As for living 2 blocks from the coast, I'm going to assume that you are talking about seawater as opposed to fresh. How are you going to convert the salt water into water that is ok for drinking and cooking? Distilling it is the only somewhat easy way? Seems you would use up quite a bit of fuel if you had to go that route. However, I can see using seawater for flushing toilets and other duties besides human consumption.

I happen to have an old broken jacuzzi built into my deck (landlord doesn't want it being fixed), that I plan on somehow using as another water source.
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