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Originally Posted by Rscan925 View Post
****ty recruiter. The army guard did that to me too when I was thinking of going army. If your trying to join the army or air guard in the bay area I know recruiters who can hook you up.
I'm in the San Diego area. It doesn't seem like its just my group of friends, my friends cousin tried to join the Coast Guard he had to retake the asvab ( got below a 50) and allowed him to take it again. Then he got a 54 and told him they raised the AFQT to 55!

I'm not picky either. I'm not one of those guys that's obsesses over all the MOS's I told the recruiter I wanted 11B. I know some people start asking for some crazy unrealistic MOS's and wont sign a contract with a recruiter until a slot opens up.

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