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Originally Posted by toby View Post
The 270 killed the sales of the 280 because at the time the 280 offered no real advantage with available powders and bullets, you may want to check sales data on 280's in those years reason it faded away so many people already owned a 270 or a 30-06 then the 7mm mag came about so who wanted a 280 at all? little did they know, as for sticking to facts most hunting rifles sport 22"-24"-26" barrels hardly short at all. Oh but your a paper shooter If I remember.
I don't think it had to do with powder & bullets available at the time. It had more to do with the Remington 740 not being able to handle full power loads so Remington didn't load it to its full potential. The 270 being around 32 year earlier & Grandpas rifle of choice, plus the 7mm Rem Mag coming out five year after it didn't help it either though.
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