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Lightbulb I was wrong about PINK

Ladies, I was wrong about pink shooting gear, and I'm big enough to admit it.

I was being pretty loud earlier in the year about bubblegum-barbie-pink gear on the range, up to and including sneering at it openly. And whining about pink guns. It made me think that women were deliberately identifying themselves as "not serious shooters".

HOWEVER, the lights have finally come on in my head.

I was at the gun store the other day, getting something out of jail. A man was standing next to me, asking for 'pink guns'. I was getting ready to climb on my high horse, until the guy said "No, not just pink ! The pink that's for breast cancer!".

I have to say, my jaw dropped. I didn't know there was such a thing. Sure enough, the salesman brought out a 9mm (?) Smith and Wesson that had a partially pink grip and a breast cancer awareness pink ribbon engraved on the barrel. They are now commonly called "Hope guns". Wow. Apparently, this guy was paying for (but not choosing) a gun for his wife, who is a survivor of breast cancer. Wow again. Or Walther, or Glocktalk

I had no idea that the bubblegun pink was sometimes about BCA. Now, let's be clear. Just because something's pink does not mean that it financially benefits the Susan B Komen Foundation. There are conflicting reports that the SBKF has officially rejected certain of the guns. (It would be worth it to ask, if you're buying something. Or maybe even pressure manufacturers to donate a percentage.)

But there is no question in my mind that we ALL should support BCA, (whether SBK or not), men and women both. Every one of us probably knows a victim or a survivor. Maybe you yourself are a survivor.

I will be buying some BCA pins to put on my pink camo hat and the CGN pink windbreaker that's being made for me. And I will flaunt my pink at the range, and cheerfully explain it to anyone who will listen.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention this. When I first started to shoot, all I wanted was to fade into the background and not make an issue out of being a woman. Just insecure in the middle of the boys club, I guess. But now, when I see all the women shooters at the range, I am prepared to step out of the camo closet and make them watch how well "the girl in pink" shoots, and how safely she does it.

Even stubborn, hardheaded, uppity women can change their minds....
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