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Originally Posted by tbnillo View Post
I'm in for a parts kit and maybe a build soon could we get our hands on these kits?
So do you want a frame, and a parts kit or?? Please clarify your order. Thanks

Originally Posted by eyestothesky View Post
Out of curiosity, are there any recommended finishing options for the frame? Steel looks pretty rough, but I could live with it.
You can polish them, or sand blast them or have them gunkoted or have them parkerized, many many options, they do not need to be left with no finish.

Originally Posted by kingnitro1 View Post
Will we have the option of milling the picitany rail at the build party?
Possibly, it would require another jig another setup, more programming etc etc, all this equals higher cost to run each frame, I'm thinking the cost is already going to be at least $100 maybe even $120 to mill and drill, depending on how many people want to add the picatinny rail and flaring the magwel option we can add that option but the cost would go up since machine time per part will go up. I could add a poll to this thread so peole can vote on stuff to give me an idea of if there's a demand for that.... What do you guys think??

Originally Posted by Mark13 View Post
Would it be possible to get a parts kit without the slide and barrell?
No, please review post #1 for this info.

Originally Posted by BMartin1776 View Post
can other parts be used on this or do you have to use RIA?
Any brand standard 1911 parts should fit however, at the BP we will not be altering the programs/setups to accomodate for different tolerances using different parts kits so you may have a little more work to make a different kit fit. We intend to cut the rails tight on the frames so they are a hand fitted/finished to the slide using hand files if/when needed and lapping compound, this will give everyone the best fit and allow a build party to happen. Trying to cut everyones rails at the party to fit exactly perfect doesn't really work due to small variances in the slides unless we were to make them fit loose and nobody wants that.
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