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Originally Posted by ledman View Post
Yeah, but this is a steal at $459.99 out the door with the 20% off coupon, how can you pass this up!! lol...who needs food and shelter when you have this badboy! Live off the land! lol
They are selling them like hotcakes to, they are getting hard to find, Turners is out, and allot of the Big 5 stores are out of them.
@ Deebix...that looks nice! Where did you get that sling? I like it.
ALSO, do these rifles have mil-spec buttstocks or commercial? I am guessing Mil-spec seeing it is a M&P.
How hard it is to change out the pistol grip and buttstock?
I have been wanting to do it in my 5.56 AR, but am not 100% shure how to go about changing the buttstock...and DIY threads on this?
The stock tube seems to be mil-spec. But be advised, its a 1 piece deal that's molded onto the lower receiver and won't come off like a real AR. But it works and its pretty solid. An aftermarket pistol grip is very easy to install. A lot of AR accesories can fit on these. Here's mine, will post updated pic later:

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