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Originally Posted by Hoopty View Post
FTO= working graveyards, 261 reports, paper units...

Motors= take home ride, no 261 reports, NO graveyards!!! Need I say more

(Was an FTO for 8 years ).
Motors... TC reports and accident reconstructions and standing around directing traffic at TC scenes... and your skin gets all leathery and chapped from the sun and wind... and you can never have a cool haircut with all the gel while working. Riding for me is for fun. When you get paid to ride, it becomes work.

I don't mind doing all the stuff above as a FTO, because the more I make my trainee work, the more I work, the more I stay sharp, and the more I learn as well. Working and doing all the stuff you said is not a minus for me. I volunteer for nights and weekends because that's where police work gets done.

If I wanted a take home ride and no paper, I would have just gone K9.
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