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Couple words of advice...
Become a good patrol cop first.. Then think about promotion.
Always ride with your windows down.. You can't hear anything with them up.
Once you figure out which path you want to go down (supervision, detective, etc), work harder to achieve your goal.
Don't be a yes man (butt kisser), you will loose respect from your peers.
Don't type and drive at the same time.
If you have a spouse, keep her involved.. Tell her about your day. They worry and are curious about what you do..
Practice Contact and Cover (contact officer talks, cover officer watches)
There is no disgrace in working patrol for your career.
Motors is the best job on the department!!!!!!

The question you have on that book... They will tell you what to read to prepare for promotions. Don't put the cart before the horse.. Become the best patrol cop you can be before putting in for promotions, etc.. There are a lot of folks that promote without doing any time in patrol. Do your time first, you will gain more respect from your peers and or subordinates. Any other questions pm me
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