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Hi everyone,

I am still in the process of being hired and have gone through all steps of the process successfully thus far.

Hopefully I'll be able to utilize all your advice soon !

One thing I want to share and emphasize with anyone who is reading this thread and is thinking about going to law enforcement is...

Train very hard. And by that I mean you should work your way up to be able to run 8 miles at about a 10 minute per mile pace. You should also be able to do 4 sets of 50 push ups at the end of your 8 mile run. These are just the bare minimum.

Some bigger agencies offer a pre academy workout, and they train you like they would in the academy. That means if you can't keep up in the runs or exercises, your fellow classmates suffer guessed it, more running and more exercise. As one of the instructors stated: "We are as strong as our weakest link."

Thanks again for all your help. I will update this thread from time to time.

Stay safe out there.
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