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1) A few common disappointments would be: Not having many of your friends/family understand what you go through, arresting Joe Dirtbag for the 1,000th felony charge but having him skate anyway because the D.A has too many cases to file (or jail just plain releases him no matter how many times he's booked), and having a public that you literally put your life on the line for second guess every move and decision you make.

2) The only thing guaranteed by choosing a career in law enforcement and giving it 100% every day is that once you retire you can look back on your career know that you did everything you could. You'll get passed over for advancements that you deserve, I promise. But that's not why you are choosing this career. Keep at it, and sooner or later someone who actually cares about the qualities of the officers they promote (as opposed to political allegiances or filling quota) will take notice and reward you.

3) Don't worry about promoting yet(though the POTENTIAL OPPORTUNITIES for promotion may be something to look for in an agency that you wish to work for). And don't EVER say anything in the academy/training/rookie years about how you are going to be a sergeant/lieutenant. That doesn't mean to not have goals and aspirations, but even if you don't say it in a pretentious way it will not win you any friends.
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