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the thing about the anti french jokes is they're just such a tired unfactual cliche at this point, and so unfair.

anti french sentiment reached its fever pitch when the french wouldnt follow us into iraq a second time (after contributing an armored division first time around) and this rekindled all this anti french sentiment which started with the US frustration with Degaulle and continued on throughout the cold war because the French wouldnt fall in line with the rest of Western Europe with washington's demands.

Being frustrated with post war french foreign policy with the US is one thing, but perverting French military history to serve a contemporary political agenda is just flat out wrong.

The French literally bled to death in ww1 rather than surrender.
The French didnt "surrender" in 1940, they had their asses kicked by a foe which had better tactics. They got beat, they werent cowards. Indeed, the Dutch, Norwegians, Danish, Yugoslavs and every other country that faced the Wehrmacht in 1940 got beat too, including the Brits; they just were lucky enough to not have a land bridge connecting them to the continent, or 3000 miles and 4million soldiers to learn from their own mistakes like the Soviets did.

The French in Algeria were on a fools errand, same as in Vietnam, same as WE were in Vietnam: trying to solve a political problem with the military.

So yeah, friends and fellow shooters, STFU with tired french cliches it just makes you look like you havent read enough history.

read these books:
alistair horne's "The Price of Glory: Verdun 1916"
alistair horne's "to lose a battle, france 1940"
alistair hornes "a savage war of peace" about the algerian war
and "the last valley: dien bien phu and the french defeat in vietnam"

and then, well, if after reading those books you still think an old and busted cliche is funny, well, read em again.
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