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Originally Posted by RestrictedColt View Post
Well said, and it echoes your mission statement; I checked out GWG after reading your post. Far too often gay groups, just as most other groups, don't seem to want 'outsiders' to be a part of them which seems pretty stupid to me.

Gays being for gun freedom just makes sense, but it seems that many or most are lefties and don't want generalized freedom or true equality but only the freedom to be gay and unequal "equal" rights.

Whether I think gays or women or any other similarly segregated group of people should have a dedicated sub-forum or not I'm tossed. My thought is no for a few reasons. One: it continues to show separation between that group and everyone else. Two: it's unlikely that a SWM (straight white male) group would be allowed to do it so it ads to the unequal equality that kinda pysses me off. Three: where does it end? Will we have a blacks with guns, latinos with guns, old people with guns…. And if any of those minorities tries and gets denied then Calguns would be seen as being biased against them. On the flip side I understand that these minority groups would like to have a gathering place for 'their' people and, as in this case, a way to involve people who might not otherwise know how to get a taste of shooting. The more people we get to like guns the better off we'll be and the more likely we'll someday have freedom.
I see your point and it's a question that comes up often of well, why not have any of the subgroups mentioned? Hell, why not have a Satan Worshipers With Guns group?! My response: sure, knock your socks off. We have a freedom and right to association in which I think the common thread becomes favoring 2A to defend that ability.

My own personal experiences, both in joining GWG and welcoming new members, has shown a pattern: people who are LGBTQ and interested in firearms may find it easier to get involved when they can find immediate familiarity with the people in a group; it's not easy to jump into waters unknown and mass media doesn't do any favors to displacing the stereotype of gun owner = white, cis-gendered, heterosexual male. This was the case for me - I wanted to learn about firearms but hesitant to jump right in. GWG was a place where I knowingly shared some commonality with the members that I felt more comfortable. My partner now comes shooting with us and that likely would not have ever happened without some kind of outwardly queer gun group.

Sadly, yes, many times there are gay groups that don't want straight people in their circle. That's their choice and I personally disagree with it for reasons mentioned but whatever. There's a time and place for that as well. GWG is inclusive and welcomes allies - no one would be barred for their sexuality - being gay is not a *requirement* (otherwise I couldn't join)... Just know that plans to grab a drink after the range have a higher likelihood to be somewhere in West Hollywood .

Sorry, I ranted a bit. Long story short... My point is to not let this be viewed as a form a separation rather than a catalyst, a bridge, to bring people of different walks of life together for a common cause and break down the stigmas that separate us.
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