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Default An open question to my gay brothers here.

Ok somebodies got to post up in here.

Gay Calgunners.

What are we working with here?

Meaning....if'n you had to guess....what percentage of the gay populace is "gun friendly" or more specifically owns a firearm?

I know it's a guess.....but whats YOUR guess?



More? Less?

And what can WE as Calgunners do to help change that?

I remember a thread a little while back.....someone had made a poster.....about gays with guns fighting back or something like that. I recall offering to print up some posters...( I own a printing company) and someone should go hit West Hollywood, DT Long Beach, known areas with a solid gay community and start plastering these up on bustop benches and walls, etc. But I never got any response as I recall.

You know...... post em up shepard fairey (Obey) style.

If the message is subtle.....seeing it over and over might just start to desensitize people to guns?

I don't's the only idea I've come up with.

Any other ideas?
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