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Default Getting false reading on my Shooting Chrony

I was a little frustrated today at the range. My F1 Shooting Chrony was giving me a lot or errors and false readings.
I noticed that it was recording/reading (at low velocity) shots that were fired from the lanes next to me. The guy on my left has a 6.8spc and the other on my right, a 308. I would either get an error once I hear a boom or a reading of low numbers (like 1825).
I would not have noticed this false reading had it not for the unbelievable read out I got while shooting a load of 24.3 grain H335 on a 55 grainer. I had an AV 3793 ES 238.8 and SD 66.46. The HI was 3913 and LO was 3674.
I was like WTF?! the brass didn't show any signs of over pressure though so I shot all 10 round batch.

I had the chrony set up about 10' in front of me. Anyone had this issue?
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