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Went to visit the TargetMasters for the first time about a month ago. They were crazy busy at the rental counter with a bunch of young guys and girls wanting to shoot. Most sounded like first timers. One guy swept the room with a rifle as he was looking at it from the rental counter. The staff told him to keep it pointed down.

Anyhow when it cleared out a bit the guy behind the counter asked if I needed any help. I asked if they had any .45 or 9mm in stock to sell. Reply was yes but can't sell it to you unless you shoot it here. That's cool. Thanked him and left.

Don't mind the sell policies at all. Their business so they can whatever they want. Only thing that really bugged me was the large number of young knuckleheads that don't seem to follow the safety rules.

Too much stress to have to worry about whether or not I'll get shot because some yahoo swept the room.

Just 2 cents.

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