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Originally Posted by luckystrike View Post
Others have already named the place for me

If any range ends up seeing this, you are losing a dollar by saving a nickel.

Owner's response, see last post. Thread locked already.

I work there, many of you have know me, or have taken the Rifle Safety Qualification course with me. From my perspective, it's another one of those case that other people screw it up for all of you, very much similar to what our "No Shotgun" policy came into place. We have seen people stealing brass when they pick up brass 3 lanes from each side of their own lane, or use push rod to pull brass back to pick up what's already down range; we have our high dollar value reload ammo brass keep disappearing (357Mag, .44SPL/Mag, 45LC). We simply do not have the manpower to watch over everyone who claims to be "picking up my own brass only". Please note we do not charge sales tax on range reload because those ammo were intended to be used in our range only, and we keep the brass. Our reload ammo supplier depends on us to return the brass to them, and will raise the price if we can't return the right amount of brass back. With all of above, we are now strictly enforcing what has being our brass policy.

As for those who claim safety issues is BS, while you are on the ground moving around to pick up those brass, people who walk by may trip over you, especially when we get crowded. Losing dollar over a nickel may be if you don't count the thousands of dollar we could save on the lawyer fee.

For those of you who claim will not be back, I hope you find a better range that would accommodate your need. For those of you who continue to utilize our facility, we appreciate your business. However, please remember we have a business to run and we have set rules for this business that will be follow strictly. Please review our range rules and ask any questions you might have, this way we don't have to breath down your neck all the time.
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