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Bottleneck rifle brass does not get flared. You will want to chamfer them especially after trimming. I got the Lyman Case Prep Center and it works well. Even though it will cut the primer crimp I prefer the Dillon super swagger. I have the RCBS unit and do not suggest it. I would suggest the RCBS dies and powered trimmer. The RCBS press is an excellent choice. You will be able to use the small drum on the uniflow measure for the 223. The Hornady electronic powder measure/scale has worked well for me. The Lyman unit did not.

I do not crimp any of my rifle rounds and have never had any troubles.

If you chamfer the inside of the case mouths it will be easier to seat flat bases bullets or all copper ones without shaving them.

I batch process my brass. I chamfer and hand prime while watching TV. I like to do the processing so that all that is left is charge with powder(usually Win748 for 55gr bullets) and seat the bullet. This I do when the weather is crap and I am staying inside. I do my trimming outside to avoid the shaving getting in my carpet.

Since you say you are in the 209 area code you are welcome to come and check out my set ups. If you want to get an RCBS swagger I have one that was only slightly used I will sell because after about 20 cases with it I got the Dillon unit.
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