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Default Tooling up for reloading 223 for AR rifle

I have been researching tooling options for reloading 223 AR rifle. My current process for reloading 45 ACP & 9mm is using a Lee Breach Lock Single Stage Press for depriming/full length resizing, Lee Classic Turret Press for flare/seat/crimp. I hand prime & powder charge off the press. I use a RCBS Uniflow small cylinder for pistol, I do have the large cylinder set up if needed. I dry tumble, deprime/resize then wet tumble for bling. I know my process is slow but that's how I roll...

These two linked trimmers are similar in function, one is a little more pricey than the other. I am leaning towards the Giraud trimmer...

I have a lot of saved 5.56 cases, I know I will need to swage the primer pockets. The Dillon Super-Swage 600 looks to be the best option for swaging primer pockets...

I do not intend to reload match grade ammo so I think the Lee Pacesetter Die set should work for reloading "plinking" grade ammo lol...

Any suggestions or other tooling options would be welcomed...
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