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Originally Posted by Alexthewelder View Post
well you need to get those old rivets out of the front and rear trunnion. if your barrel is not seperated from the front trunnion yet, you need to press the barrel pin and barrel out to get out the 2(on each side) rivets out. All the items and more importantly knowledge you will need to get these things done will be at the bp.

As far as parts you will need a set of ak 47 rivets and center support rivet. then your compliance parts. trigger group(counts as 3 of 6. tapco g2 is good)
depending on if you go featureless or evil youll need a bullet button yada yada.
can these parts be purchased at the BP? Thanks for the advice like I said i'm a rookie at the AK game but want to get mine built so bad, so does my wife. She doesn't want an AR she wants an AK
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