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Default AK Build Party/Bay Area DEC 5, 2009!!SPOTS CLAIMED>>WAITING LIST!!

Hosting a build party @ my place

when-December 5, 2009 from 8:30am-6:00pm---my girls pretty upset about the early start time
why-because we're addicted

It will be indoor/outdoor. I have an outside stand around heater and a fireplace if its cold. The last time it rained on this date was in 2003(weather history)and that was drizzle.

I am cutting off the main list. Spots are claimed. there is a waiting list. I am still waiting for payment from some folks. If anyone bails, I will let those on the waiting list know. Thankyou

$25 per person building, that includes the food&drink.
$5 for spectators includes food&drink

Not to rub anyone the wrong way, but if you want to be a larger doner to help purchase a couple build specific tools ,that will benefit everyone, it would be awsome.** I am going to work on having one of these every month or at least every other month. With that being said if you donate $20 on top of your cost for this build,the next bp I host you will have free admittance+food.

Reserve your spot! It will be held with paid dues. There should be plenty room, but why risk it.

PM me for where to send payment

I hear paypal is anti-gun. For that I discourage it, but if you must, add $5 to your total to cover fees(unless donating to tool fund). You may "pm" me for payment details.

I will have name tags with your handle on it for those who paid and are coming.

Thanks guys!

Lets see what people can bring for the bp

maybe another flat bending jig

Attending & paid:

Alex(party host)- 12ton press,rivet jig, benchtop drill press,drill bits, barrel pin press tool, tools to get barrel out/in, dremel400, 4-5 grinders with discs, Big blast cabinet
goober 0- benchtop DP,bending jig,dremel,compressor,spot welder
50bmgbob- 12 ton press, blast cabinet, small park tank,60gal compressor
krispytapa-drill press, dremel
duraglock-12 ton press,flat bending jig,rivet jig,barrel press jig,trigger guard jig,hole drilling fixture,park tank,
Warpig1+1s -
tomv35atc-spot welder
gowking+1b - 20 ton press, rivet jig, trigger guard rivet jig
g-man wc+1s
Mr.Niceguy-AK Builder flat bending jig w/ top rail step down, trigger guard jig, Barrel press jig, trigger guard rivet drilling jig, Long rivet jig, Bolt cutters for short rivets
416stroker-5.45 headspacing gauges
Zachs300zx +1s -
Dovii4ever-+1s 20ton press, dremels
charlie50-trigger guard jig, punches
AK-RAY +1s-

Want to Attend:

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