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Originally Posted by dantodd View Post
Unless he is a resident of Alameda county the only CCW they can issue to him is a 90 day permit and that is only good while in the county. It also requires his work be in Alameda county (though if he's consulting with SWAT, I suppose that is covered.) Additionally that 90 day permit must be paid for as a renewal every 90 days. I think it would be most helpful if you would PM or email the particulars to Brandon or Gray, it would make for a most interesting PRA, at the very least we'll know what name and information to look for when going through the large PRA dump that will eventually be forthcoming.
As long as we're on that topic, what about the fairly sizable ensemble of volunteers authorized by the sheriff to engage in activities, presumably on his behalf? Even by current standards the sheriff of Alameda County lists a very sizable group of individuals who may be presumed to submit to his authority, whether sworn peace officers or not. I'm referring, of course, to the folks listed under the purview of:

Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Services
Captain Dean Stavert
4985 Broder Boulevard
Dublin, California 94568
(925) 803-7800

Setting aside the sworn deputies under his supervision, and a relatively small navy, the sheriff also has a search and rescue force with canine augmentation:

A dive team/"Navy SEALS" organization:

An Air Force of sorts:

A Reserve Deputies program:

And, of course, a Sheriff's Posse, in case all else fails and someone needs to be cut off at the pass:

Given the patterns of association that have developed in the departments of other county sheriffs, it would be remarkable if the individuals in these volunteer groups are not heavily represented among the sheriff's campaign contributors and recipients of his CCW permits. I don't quarrel with the claim that most of these volunteers perform valuable services in the county: nevertheless, it would be interesting to see which of them hold CCW permits, and of those, who among them are in fact residents of Alameda County.

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