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Originally Posted by RipVanWinkle View Post
But consider a 23 year old male who’s got nothin’: probably got all his net worth in his guns and his motorscooter. I’ll bet there’s no “Gunslinger Liability Policy” out there for that guy, at any price (Gray’s condition A). Hence my curiosity and my question: Does any Calgunner, or anyone else, have such a policy? If so, who is the agent, and what is the annual premium? I’ll include Gray’s condition B as an additional question: How many current CCW licensees comply with the insurance requirement? I’d like to know the demographics of that group! Security and guard businesses, PI's?

Well, the rule of equal protection states that if you don't require it of one, you can't require it at all. Give you an example:

I had a conversation with another licensing authority which also (up until our conversation) required liability insurance. The guy had only been in the job a year so he had only dealt with renewal applicants (and presumably people who supposedly had liability insurance already). He had no idea if any of the applicants had liability insurance because they were generally renewed with the same good cause each time. He had never dealt with new applicants in his year of tenure, so he wasn't aware of a lot of the problems and reasons why people refuse to apply to his employer, until I gave them the full detail.

It was elucidating to him to say the least, and did make the difference. However, in the case of Alameda, they probably know full well that their policy is unlawful, whereas this particular person did not know that.
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