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Default Reviews? Any for this survival coarse?

1st I'm a private person trying to find out if this is worth the money they want for this coarse. If the info is accurate as considered by experts in survival and the for certain meltdown that is coming. I have zero business or financial interest in this product or their company.

If you have paid for this coarse book or know someone that has and can provide a valid opinion please respond.

If you have personal experience with a similar product that can help a newbie be prepared, please reference that product and a link.

I have no desire to read a dozen books on this topic, I want a good guide that will if followed prepare me and my family for extreme emergency situations survivalist often refer to.

COMPLETE 236-page Long-Term Family Survival Course by Jason Richards

Inside Family Survival Course, you’ll find:

Family’s Complete List of Items: all the 44 foods you need to stockpile for your family’s long term survival.
9 basic self-defense items every household should have when the crisis strikes. They’re not a hazard for your family, they’re easy to use… and they can save your kids’ lives in the most unpredictable life-threatening situations.
How to create an inconspicuous “panic room” in your home – even if you’re a renter! – and keep your whole family safe and sound, away from any danger that may happen outside the panic room door.
How to generate your own electricity for less than $200… in case the grid breaks down and leaves you in pitch black for weeks.
48 natural, dirt-cheap remedies you should stockpile with your supplies. If a major disaster destroys your town, a road to the pharmacy may very well become a road to hell. Ignore this crucial list and you`ll dread the sound of a sneeze in your home!
How to take complete control over your food and water supplies… and keep looters off your property and far away from the stock you`ve invested in.
Make your own clean water without wasting all the essential minerals your body needs (unlike the usual purification processes that drain all the good stuff out of water).
The well-kept secret that will bring you MORE power than guns and wealth together… and how to use it to stay on top of the food chain all throughout the crisis.
The common mistake that can instantly leave you and your family with nothing to eat for weeks… and put your life in danger. You`ll discover how to provide enough food for your entire family with no risk whatsoever… and stay as far from FEMA camps as possible!
The 3 instant measures you should take when you hear the dreaded knock on your door… and keep soldiers out of your house, even if they have an evacuation order!
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