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Default Project Appleseed returns to Northern California

When Project Appleseed returns to Red Bluff on May 12-13, 2011 it will include a new feature: Full distance shooting

Normally we shoot our course of fire at 25 Meters. The new full distance component will include
Offhand at 100 Yards
Seated/kneeling at 200 Yards
Rapid fire prone at 300 Yards
Slow fire prone at 400 Yards

Our goal will be to get your group size down to 6 MOA (minutes of angle) at 25 yards. Then on Sunday afternoon those who have sufficiently small group sizes will be given the opportunity to move to the full distance course.

Centerfire rifles will handle the full distance with no problems
Rimfire rifles can choose to stay at 25 meters on Sunday, or if they have scored Rifleman they can move to 100 yards.

The new full distance program will require us to reduce the number of shooters who can participate in the event, so be sure to register early to reserve your spot. Online registration is open now. Price for this event is can be found at: (The event is free for women, children (under 21) or active duty military with the exception of a modest registration and range fee).

For more information on this event please visit:
To register for this event online (and qualify for the price discounts) please visit:

I recommend an M1 web sling and front swivel on every rifle.
These parts are available from the following sources Sling
1.25 Inch Swivel for wood stock rifle:

Other helpful items:
Snacks (in addition to a lunch): By 2PM you will be feeling tired and by 3PM your blood sugar is a bit low. Bring something to munch on and refill your gas tank!
Magazines: Please bring at least two magazines for your rifle. You need enough magazines to hold 10 rounds (minimum of two magazines)
Shooting Mat or Carpet: Minimizes wear and tear on your clothing. We use this one:
Eye Protection: (Required) (Lowes, Home Depot,, Jones Fort in Redding, 10ring in Red Bluff, Bastiani Arms in Redding)
Hearing Protection: (Required)Either foam ear plugs or ear muffs. (Lowes, Home Depot,, Jones Fort in Redding, 10ring in Red Bluff, Bastiani Arms in Redding)
500 rounds of reliable ammunition for your rifle:, Jones Fort in Redding, 10ring in Red Bluff, Bastiani Arms in Redding)
Staple Gun for posting your targets

For more data on what to bring please visit the following web page:
What rifle(s) should I bring? This is a great question that has a very long answer. The short version:
Bring a California legal rifle that is:
1. In good working condition
2. That has sights that are adjustable for elevation and windage (or has a scope)
3. Feeds its ammunition from a removable magazine or from a tube
4. Either bolt action or semi automatic
(Yes you can bring a backup rifle.)
(Yes you can use your .22 and switch to your centerfire later in the day)
What about the sights, should I use a scope or something else? The short answer:
For best results we recommend either a Scope or a ghost ring sight.
Scopes: Low power is best. 3 or 4 power is plenty.
Ghost Ring: This is the sight system used by the US Military. It consists of a rear metal ring and a front post. These sights are standard on the M1 Garand, the 1903-A3, M14, etc. There is a product that provides this same sight picture for the Ruger 10/22:
If your rear sight looks like a V notch you are encouraged to acquire an alternate sight for your rifle. Bastiani Arms in Redding carries ghost ring sights for many rifles.
Do I need a Shooting Jacket? If you are shooting a .22 caliber rifle you can add some thin elbow pads. For centerfire rifle you may wish to consider either a light shooting jacket or a shoulder pad

Is this program just for kids? No. Let me repeat that one, NO! It is for Parents, Kids, Marines, Teens, Men, Women, and anyone who is interested in learning to improve their rifle skills and learning some American Heritage along the way.

Disclaimers:I receive no pay or commission from any of the links in this article. I am a trained volunteer for the Appleseed program (not a paid employee). I have used and/or do own all of the products that are linked in this article. Marines are mentioned in the final paragraph because in my experience they have proven without exception to be willing to apply themselves and improve their skills whenever given the opportunity.
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