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Originally Posted by Librarian View Post

Case Panel:
WALLACE (Nixon), McKEOWN (Clinton), BYBEE (Bush)
Thanks, Librarian.

Hmm. Some of Nixon's were good, some bad. It wasn't until Bork that the Right realized how the Left had weaponized the federal courts.

Bybee was a GWB appointee, so that's one likely anti (McKeown) and one likely pro (Bybee), so I won't even guess if we'll win or not with Wallace.

ETA: Watched (rewatched?) the oral arguments. I am more optimistic. From 30:00 onward is the meat. Wallace cuts to the core re. microstamping not being a safety per se issue, but an aid to LE investigators. So I'm putting him on our side.

Depending upon how the court chooses to approach the case (42:25 and following), I could see microstamping shot down (not consumer safety of gun, but public safety of aiding LE), CLI upheld (via "evolving" standards of safety), but not sure which way they (the majority?) will go on MDM.

Never mistake being delusional for being optimistic.

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