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Originally Posted by Solidsnake87 View Post
Its seriously been nearly a year since orals and no decision reached or movement made?
To be honest it's going to take years before we can have that unlawful roster list removed even after the ninth circuit court decision. Think about what happened with the conceal carry case in CA. It has been years since that lawsuit was announced and we've yet to receive a conclusion. Let say we are lucky enough to get the 3 panel judge in the ninth circuit court to say the roster list is unlawful. Politicians in CA would most likely say that decision was wrong which would then lead the ninth circuit court to reevaluate the case but this time with more judges that are most likely say the roster list is lawful. We would then have to take this lawsuit to the supreme court and we all know how long that's going to take especially since the supreme court isn't taking any 2nd amendment related cases right now.

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