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North Fresno here. My hobbies mostly center around guns so I'd bet we have an abundance of talent that is better than mine. I've been around a while and have learned that I can do damn near anything if I need to. I can make anything with two or more moving parts work long enough to get the job done. I am a supervisor with the CA Dpt. of food and agriculture. Therefore. given 20 minutes and a spell checker I can justify anything up to and including a nuclear first strike. But that also means that I am poor as a church mouse, because we are suffering under a 15% pay cut at the moment.

I have been a builder, a heavy equipment operator, a real estate agent, a loan broker, a pest control advisor, a gold minor, a trapper, an Ag laborer, a BT (boilerman) in the US Navy, and Have a Class A CDL. [/I]

What I am not is a disingenuous grinning hand shaker. What I am is a redneck.

Mike Grider

P. S, I can pick an LZ that you can land a hilocoptor on and take off with a 110% load.

Zoomin Newman will vouch fore that.
Take not lightly liberty
To have it you must live it
And like love, don't you see
To keep it you must give it

"I will talk with you no more.
I will go now, and fight you."
(Red Cloud)

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