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I've been shooting there since the mid-80's. Last time I was there it was when they were putting in the pipeline to the geysers and there was actually a manned security booth down at the bottom. We were in our Bronco towing a small open-bed trailer full of guns. We just drove on through like we lived there and the guy didn't say anything.

I was shooting with my brother off the side of the road by the quarry one time when this beater p-u truck came screaming up, the guy got out and said the owner says he needs to take our guns. I'm holding a loaded P226 and my bro's holding a loaded Redhawk. I just look at the guy like, are you ****ing nuts? I never said a word to him, just stared him down. He got in his truck and left. Very strange.

I need to get up there again. Lately I've been shooting at Circle S but recently heard a rumor that someone's going to open an indoor range out near Oakmont. That would be sweet.
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