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Originally Posted by Discogodfather View Post
The new 857 regs say that they mean all home built guns since 1968. The idea that some were "properly marked" per ATF rules and are thus exempt to me is a real stretch. I don't see how any of the exemptions will apply when DOJ is expressly saying that they will not honor those serials. Only exemption I feel is solid is being in a centralized registry.
It's still quite unclear to me that this is the case, but I understand your position.

I'm confused on the pistol build. If you were to convert to fixed mag that is enough to be non-AW status? This is only for pistols built between 2001 to December 31 2016 correct?
Yes, fixed magazine or not semi-auto are the only choices for AR/AK pistols to not be AWs.

If I built an AR pistol today it would have to be a manual action single shot correct?.
It would have to comply with SSE2 requirements... dimensionally compliant and originally assembled as a single shot bolt action or break top action. At this point it is unclear whether then converting to semi-auto is "continuing the manufacturing" process thus making it a violation of the "safe handgun roster".
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