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Originally Posted by mshill View Post

I have not VoReg'd my two AR Pistols manufactured under SSE1 in 2013 as of yet. They are now fixed magazine and I am still debating whether to do so or do something else with them. The problem with AB-857 and handguns is that they become a possible felony. I would like to see a little more guidance with respect to properly marked (per ATF requirements) firearms that are not in the system before I decide what to do with them.
The new 857 regs say that they mean all home built guns since 1968. The idea that some were "properly marked" per ATF rules and are thus exempt to me is a real stretch. I don't see how any of the exemptions will apply when DOJ is expressly saying that they will not honor those serials. Only exemption I feel is solid is being in a centralized registry.

I'm confused on the pistol build. If you were to convert to fixed mag that is enough to be non-AW status? This is only for pistols built between 2001 to December 31 2016 correct?

If I built an AR pistol today it would have to be a manual action single shot correct?

Since people are asking about what do I do with my legally built 80% SSE semi auto AR pistol that I built between 2001 to end of 2016 the only options I can see are volreg and convert to a fixed mag or go RAW. Claiming it's exempt because it met the exemption status and was properly marked when it was built will just run you into a situation where you are not RAW and appear in no centralized registry?
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Someone must put an end to this endless bickering by posting the unadulterated indisputable facts and truth.
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Not checkers, not chess, its Jenga.
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