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Originally Posted by Discogodfather View Post
Volreg has pistol, rifle, rifle shotgun combo, and shotgun. They have to go in as they are intended to be built or how they were built. You could register it as a pistol then build it into a manual action fixed mag single shot, you could even do that years from now. But it has to be what you intend or have already built as.

If you go pistol then there is a vague possibility of converting to a rifle in the future, as there is no law saying you can't put on a 16" barrel and put a stock on it. Going from rifle to pistol is impossible and a felony. Personally, I don't ever do the pistol to rifle thing out of ambiguity concerns.

Make sense. I think I will choose pistol semi auto. I have pictures of my receiver plus itís engraved MOD: 15-PISTOL on the side so I wonít and canít register and build as rifle anyhow. I just was to VolReg my receiver and serial number. Just making sure I pick the right drop down selections so I donít incriminate myself and go to jail. Thanks for the help.

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