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Originally Posted by Palmetto State Armory View Post
The "Contact Us" form goes to the account. Customer service is available by phone at 803-760-4004 9AM-5PM EST. However, they normally stay later than that answering e-mail inquiries. They stay very busy, but they will answer you as soon as possible.
The phone number you listed stills says that you are behind due to the holiday rush and does not even give the option to leave a message. It basically says that we are not going to answer the phone and to just send an e-mail. Which I tried once before and got no response. I have tried again and will hopefully get a response this time. I get that you are busy and I am glad that you are, but its February. The holidays have been over for a long time. The success you are experienceing could be fleeting if you do not resolve this issue, and I for one do not want to see that happen.
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