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Originally Posted by Izzy43 View Post
The thing is some folks want to shoot and even though prices are out of whack sometimes there are few choices. I hate the gouging that's going on, although it seems to be tailing off, if you just gotta have the ammo then there's not a lot of choices right now. I was prepared for this but some were not and I feel for those who have to pay these outlandish prices. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Hopefully this shortage and gouging will end soon and we can all go back to a more normal ammo supply and price.
Whatever ammo you can get and a good price is better than what the gougers are charging. The choices aren't great so take what you can.

Originally Posted by Eljay View Post
I really feel for the guys who are just starting. It's all well and good to say people should have stocked up but I've run into a couple of people who just bought their first .22 and they're hurting. Or they just started competing and their one year supply became a one month supply. Or I sold a case of .22 to a guy who was running some kind of boy scout event and he wanted to lock in the supply while it was still possible to get a whole case at once. He was smart to do it too - this was early on and the price went up another 50% at least before peak.
Unfortunately I got in right in the middle of this mess so whatever I find, I buy. So far, the online deals are better than what the LGS charges and its in stock.