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Originally Posted by BrokerB View Post
in 100 years the mini 14 might be a collector. The Mini will probably cease production in under 15 years. Cost too much for an inferior mouse caliber compared to the other mouse far
The CMP stated that they sold more M1 Garands to Citizens trapped within the Soviet Province of Californicatestan, far and away, than to any other free State or Soviet Province in the Country.

Given the limited and diminishing availability of $700 CMP M1 Garands, combined with the current tyranny w/r/t AR's and AK's within the Soviet Province?

. . . I'd say that the Mini-14 will be THE Carbine of the Soviet Province of Californicatestan for the foreseeable future.

...Cogito, ergo armatum sum..."

(I think, therefore I am armed.)

-- Lt. Col. Dave Grossman --
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