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Default My LGS, CA Laws, and a confused me.

My Wife is an LEO, finally on the road to recovery after a mild case of the cancer and was going to treat herself to a new arsenal.

Two off roster pistols (XDS and LCP in Raspberry) and one on roster (SIG 226)

She asked me if it would be possible to buy them together at one time since she's LEO, wait the 10 days as to not have to deal with her CO, and grab them up. I thought she'd be good to go today, what with the exemptions that LEOs are fortunate to have.

She was told by our guy that she can only do 1 every 30 days unless she had a letter from her CO which would result in 1 every 5 days. (new to me, I thought letters just exempted her from the 10 day wait.)

She also was going to buy me a rifle for our anniversary and they came back with she cannot purchase a long gun and a pistol the same day. (also new to me, though never tested it)

I've done a cursory search through the laws and didn't see anything, one way or the other, about these. I like my LGS, I won't argue with them about it as we can't find ammo so there's no rush, was just trying to save on Dros fees and paperwork if possible, but I'm curious to know if this is in fact the way it is and I am just horribly misinformed. (Quite likely)

I'm confused as to how often my C.O.E. will let me buy now as well.