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Originally Posted by markhu View Post
Apparently cops aren't required to be educated in legal details. I was amazed to have a cop question the legality of an AR when he caught a glimpse of it in the trunk of a car AT A CLUB FIRING RANGE. I humored him by saying that California allowed them with a bullet-button and 10-round magazine, but was further amazed at his response indicating he was unfamiliar with those regulations.
It's possibly because in my experience, most LEO's don't give a crap about you and your guns. They don't want to take your guns away and they don't spend all their spare time studying gun laws and looking for loop holes to screw you. Take that how you want, but most cops are pro gun, pro citizens defending themselves and really do support and love the constitution.

I know of officers who have found loaded guns on people, found gun that people were not supposed to have and any and all sorts of violations and they gave the guns back or turned the contact into an educational one.

MOST Leo's don't want to take guns from you!!! Most Leo's think guns are cool and love to talk about them. Why do you think that there are so many Leo's here on Cal Guns? Why is there enough of them to have their own forum?

Sometimes I think that some people here on Cal Guns love / need to stir the pot in order to gather support or gain influence.

We see that all the time with other groups that need a common enemy to thrive, whether the enemy be "whitey" the "Jewís", "black helicopters" or ďthe policeĒ.

Iím not saying that vigilance is not warranted or that some wariness is not warranted or that the majority of Cal Guns members feel that way, Iím just saying that itís something to think about.

Rant off....
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