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My woods/trail gun is a 5" Ruger Redhawk .44 magnum. It is on my CCW permit and I just qualified with it this past weekent. It's not my only carry gun, obviously and I don't carry it in town. On the trail it gets stowed in the pack (concealed from the granola-munchers hiking the backwoods) but ready to roll just in case it is needed. First two chambers are snake shot because that's the most likely need for it. The rest are heavy solid slugs for good penetration on big cats & bear. I have a couple of speed-loaders handy with some .44 special HP's in case of two-legged trouble.

I wish it didn't weigh so much when I have to pack it on the trail but every time I pull the trigger I'm grateful for that same weight absorbing the recoil.
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