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The total population of the municipality of Teočak is estimated at approximately 9,000 inhabitants. Ethnically, Bosniaks comprise 100% of the town and municipality population of Teočak (2005 estimation data)

Demographics of town of Teočak - Krstac, 1991 census
total: 2,861
Muslims by nationality - 2,831 (98.95%)
Serbs - 15 (0.52%)
"Yugoslavs" - 10 (0.34%)
Croats - 2 (0.06%)
others and unknown - 3 (0.10%)

Maybe we dont want to spend new years with Hamed LOL "Sarajevo Radio reported on Dec 6, 1993, that Bosnian Prime Minister Haris Silajdzic had written to the President of the UN Security Council accusing the Bosnian-Serbs of using chemical weapons. The allegations apparently related to fighting around the village of Teocak in north-eastern Bosnia." The 'Yugoslav' Crisis in International Law: General Issues, Volume 1 Page. lii
By D. Daniel L. Bethlehem, Marc Weller, University of Cambridge. Research Centre for International Law

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