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I picked up two boxes today at $29.97 each. The boxes say they have a six year shelf life, but the "Best Used by" date on the boxes is Mar 2019 (5 years, 5 months from now). But as I said earlier, I'd have no problem eating them decades into the future. They may lose a little flavor and nutritional value over a very long time, but they won't go "bad" and they will still provide ample sustenance when consumed.

Each box contains 10 pouches as follows:
(3) Chicken Teriyaki with Rice, 5.01 oz (142g), 548 Total Calories
(2) Beef Stew, 4.30 oz (122g), 523 Total Calories
(3) Beef Stroganoff with Noodles, 4.80 oz (136g), 620 Total Calories
(2) Lasagna with Meat Sauce, 4.80 oz (136g), 604 Total Calories

(Note: The nutritional information on the box differed slightly from that on the individual packages, so the calories posted above were calculated from the information listed on the pouches.)

This is a very good deal considering that Costco was previously selling these at $46.99 per box. I'm sure the fact that these have been sitting on Costco's shelves for the past 7 months are the reason Costco has recently lowered their price.
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