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Nice AR! I finished completing one a month and a half ago although its not where i want it to be at. I still want a different stock, rail, vertical grip, and optic.

I traded a guitar valued at 400 for the lower (then added the magpul pistol grip and trigger guard), I bought the bcm midlength upper that came with a vltor gunfighter charging handle for $470, a cmt/stag bgc for $210, and my friend gave me his old gi handguards.

i feel kinda dumb for having over $1100 in this rifle when it is kinda bare bones but atleast its parts are decent and i got the lower for a good deal.

I may just go the cheap route and put a magpul stock on it, magpul moe handguard, and a bushnell trs-25 red dot on it. That should be around $200 if i shop for good deals.


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