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Originally Posted by TripleThreat View Post
FWIW, I am a LEO and I'm one of the few that see and understands both sides.

I'm not what you would call a die hard cop. Was at one point, but I'd also be happy doing something else like working in the aviation industry or a motorcycle shop. I don't always side with the good old boys, such as what went down with the horse thief. They whooped his *** good, which was a departure from lawfulness in my view.

Having said that, you are oblivious to actual facts. It's as if you are looking through spectacles which only allow propaganda and CNN-facts through. Anything relevant is immediately refuted with slander and misinformed jibber-jabber.

Grey didn't deserve to die for his crimes in progress, but it's obvious to anyone with a broad spectrum view he was a participant in his demise. I am not convinced the LEs are the cause of his death, albeit they are involved parties.

I think when we see the real facts in court, we all have the right to pass judgement. But not until it all comes out.
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